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Our school governors play a very important and active role in our school life and development, setting overall strategy and holding the Headteacher to account for performance. The Full Governing Body (FGB) normally meets at least four times a year with sub-committees of the FGB meeting additionally to deal with specific tasks. Governors also play an important pastoral role through visits to the classrooms and providing support at a variety of school functions.  If you have any questions about our governance arrangements or for our governors, please contact us via the clerk in the first instance.

Clerk to the Governors

Barry Parsons



Who's Who

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Rachel O'Neill 

Chair of Governors

Appointed: by parents

Term of Office: 16.09.2020-15.09.2023

Originally born in Stroud and then after many years growing up in Wales, migrating to London for Univeristy and staying for over 20 years, myself, my husband and 2 children found our way back to the beautiful Randwick in 2020.  Having been a teacher and deputy head for the entirety of my time in London, our 'big' move afforded me the opportunity to rethink my career which led me to becoming an Education Advisor for an Education assessment company.  Wanting to keep my hand directly within Education and still wanting to help in any way I can, led me to joining the Governors at Randwick Primary School.

Emma Russell - Parent Governor

Apointed by: Elected unopposed.

Term of Office: 07.01.2022-06.01.2025




Christine Brown - Foundation Governor

Appointed by: Sustitute for the Ex Offio Incumbent

Term of Office: 01.04.2021-31.03.2024


Although I am a relative newcomer to Randwick, I have lived and taught in Gloucestershire for twenty years, taking on both academic and pastoral roles.  Randwick Primary School held a very special place in my parents' heart, in particular its links with the community and the church, and as a Foundation Governor, I hope to be able to offer my own experience and expertise to help this flourishing school.

James Holt - LA Governor

Appointed by: Governing Body

Term of Office: 31.03.2022-30.03.2025



Andrew Niven - Parent Governor

Vice Chair

Appointed by: Parents

Term of Office: 12.03.2021-11.03.2024

Originally from Glasgow, I was bought up and educated in Stroud and have lived in Ruscombe for 4 years.  After leaving school at 18, I took an apprenticeship and worked as a chemical engineer for 16 years before changing careers to become a science teacher.  I have worked at several schools in Gloucestershire.

Jo Donaldson.jpg

Jo Donaldson - Acting Headteacher

Appointed January 2023


Sarah white.jpg

Sarah White - Foundation Governor

Appointed by: Diosesan Board of Education

Term of Office: 01.11.2020-31.10.2023

I have lived in Randwick since 1988, and have had a close connection within the school, as both my children were pupils here, and I also worked here part time for a number of years.  I taught languages in several primary and secondary schools in the county for many years, and feel that I will be able to make a positive contribution to the board of governors.

Karen Chastney - Copy.jpg

Karen Chastney - Staff Representative

Appointed by: Governing Body

Terms of Office: 28.09.2022 - 27.09.2025



Barry Parsons - Clerk to Governors

I have lived in Randwick since 1977 and have been involved with the school since the oldest of my three children started at Randwick.

Rachel Hope

Appointed by: Governing Body

Terms of Office: 17.02.2023 - 16.02.2026



Andrea Mayo - Parent Governor

Elected by: Parents

Terms of Office: 12.05.2023 - 11.05.2026


Simon Eddy - Co-opted Governor

Appointed by: Governing Body

Terms of Office: 15.05.2023 - 14.05.2026



What do Governors do?

We support the school by giving our time, expertise and knowledge to help the Head teacher in his strategy for the future of the school and the day to day running.

How do we do this?

The Full Governing body meets every half term to review and discuss school life. This body is split into two committees who also meet every half term, the Resources Committee and the Performance and Standards Committee.

The Resources Committee covers finance, personnel and premises.

The Performance and Standards Committee covers curriculum.

Each governor serves on one of these committees and has a specific area of interest e.g.: safeguarding, school standards, the school environment etc.

We also have statutory panels that cover admissions, discipline and complaints as and when required.

Working together

We believe in partnership. This is about everyone – children, parents, staff, governors and the wider school community working together to ensure that every child succeeds. To achieve this and to carry out our role as governors effectively, we need to know what issues are important to you so that we remain responsive and ensure that you know what issues are being discussing so that we remain accountable.

Keeping in touch

School Newsletter – we have had great feedback from the Friday School Newsletter and Governors and PFORS now have a section on the Friday Newsletter so all the information is in one place.

  • School Website – this Governor section lays out our roles and soon there will be a summary of each Governing Body meeting so you know what we are working on.
  • School Playground – As some of our governors are parents and grandparents at the school, we can often be found around at the beginning and end of the school day
  • Meet the governors – As well as governors attending school events we also hold regular coffee mornings and afternoons to give you a chance to speak to us. You can also contact us via the school office.
  • Copies of meeting minutes are available through the school office.

Becoming a Governor

– is a voluntary, unpaid and important role. Particular skills, knowledge or experience are useful to the governing body, but the following is vital:

  • a commitment to school life
  • the ability to work with others
  • patience and enthusiasm
  • a willingness to learn
  • a commitment to working openly and democratically
  • a willingness to spend what time you can getting involved in school life.

Our governors contribute to school life in many ways – attending meetings, undertaking training, visiting school, participating events and more.

Our governors are a team. However much we may differ in our opinions and experiences we are united by our commitment to Randwick School and the responsibility we share for its long term success.



Governors with individual lead responsibilities;

Sarah White: Worship, MFL, PSHE, Welfare/wellbeing

Christine Brown: RE, Ethos, Celebrations, History/Geography

Carla Atkins: Eco- School, PE, Art

Emma Russell: Behaviour, DT, Music

Andrew Niven: Science, Outdoor Learning, Pupil Premium

Rachel O'Neill: Safeguarding, Attendance, English,Computing, SEND

James Holt: Maths, H & S, Premises

Philip Walker: Fairview Committee


For the Governors Declarations of Interest please click this link;


*Interests: Governing bodies are under a duty to publish their register of interests.
Governors declare:-

  • relevant business interests – financial, or other, interests in an organisation which could feasibly be in a position to supply goods/services to the school
  • details of any other educational establishments they govern
  • any material interests arising from relationships between governors or relationships between governors and members of the school staff including spouses, partners and relatives.


* The Government no longer requires Governing Bodies to hold an annual general election.

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