Information for Parents

At Randwick we have always shared the belief that education is a partnership between parents and teachers. Therefore for children to achieve their best, we need the support and involvement of parents. This may be by supporting school activities and events, helping with homework or talking with us about your child.

Schools are now asked to provide parents with additional information about the school and its performance. This information (Admission Arrangements, Pupil Premium Grant, School Ethos and Curriculum Provision) can be found in our School Brochure. Additional curriculum information can be found on the Class Learning Topics page as well as how we spend our Pupil Premium Grant.

Information about School performance and tables can be found on the Department for Education website. See also: links to Ofsted Reports.

The topics in this section contain information on a variety of aspects relating to support for your child’s learning, as well as being involved in and informed about the school:

  • What does my child need for school?
  • Communication and Safety
  • Homework
  • Supporting your child to learn at home
  • Writing with the Left Hand
  • About your child’s learning & achievement
  • Guide to the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework in the Reception Year at School
  • Mixed Age & Split Year Group Classes in Schools
  • Engaging with parents & opportunities to raise concerns
  • Parking at the school
  • Bad Weather Procedures
  • Opportunities to help in school and share ideas

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