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Here at Randwick, it is our aim to instil a love of History in all our children. We aim to provide a history curriculum which delivers appropriate subject knowledge, skills and understanding as set out in the National Curriculum History Programmes of study. We aim to provide an interesting and varied curriculum that interests and intrigues our children while meeting the needs of all backgrounds and abilities. From EYFS up to the end of KS2, the children will be taught about important historical events, where they take place within a historical timeline and famous historical figures.  

As a school, we maintain strong links to the National Curriculum guidelines to ensure all aspects, knowledge and skills of History are being taught across all year groups. Our units have been selected and mapped throughout the school on a two year cycle to ensure the children have full coverage of the History curriculum and that there is clear skills progression.  The History curriculum has been designed to develop the children's understanding of chronology, cover key knowledge and teach the skills needed to be a historian through the use of high quality historical sources. 

Where appropriate we use historical artefacts, visitors, workshops and visits to further immerse the children in their learning. We aim to give our children as much understanding as possible about what is was like to be around at a particular period in history by having practical and experiential lessons where possible, which utilise a range of relevant resources and artefacts. 

At Randwick C of E Primary School our aim is for our pupils to gain an appreciation and understanding of the past and the curiosity and motivation to find out more. Through their study of history pupils will develop their understanding of chronology so that they gain a coherent knowledge and understanding of Britain’s past and that of the wider world. Pupils learn through an enquiry approach through research, analysis and evaluation using primary and secondary historical sources.  They will gain an insight into how people around the world used to live and appreciate how interpretations may differ.   Pupils will develop an understanding of historical concepts such as change, consequence and significance.  They will develop their vocabulary to allow them to communicate their understanding using subject specific vocabulary. 


History in EYFS

We teach history in EYFS as an integral part of our curriculum taught through 'Understanding the World'. History makes a significant contribution to the development of each child’s understanding of the world, their own and family history and important world events.  By using language related to time the children develop their understanding of their own history and are ready for the KS1 curriculum.

History knowledge and skills progression map 2024


Black History Month 2023

The whole school took part in special activities, learning about significant individuals and their impact on society.  



How can I support my child with history?

Share your family history

Make history relatable by sharing your own family history with your child. Share fun memories of the people and places in your childhood, and encourage your child to talk about their favourite memories as well. Share photographs with them from the past and talk about the differences between then and now.

Books and television

Use books or TV programmes as a conversation starter about the past. Read about people and events that have made a difference in the world. Try visiting your local library to discover a wider range of books.

Commemorate important historical events

Make your child aware of historical events such as Remembrance Day. Discuss why they are important and think of ways you can commemorate them together. Watch the news together and explain what is happening and why.


Local History activities to do with your child

Museum of Gloucester

Where: Brunswick Road, Gloucester, Gloucestershire GL1 1HP

Discover one million objects at this engaging museum, full wall to wall with interesting facts and artifacts for the budding historian in your family. Learn the history of the city's origins from a Roman settlement through its transition as through the Dark Ages and Medieval period. With plenty of interactivity as well as events for children throughout the year, this museum is sure to keep them entertained and educated.


Berkeley Castle

Where: Berkeley, Gloucestershire GL13 9PJ

Delve into this corner of history with your family for a day of historical adventuring. With plenty of activities for children to enjoy from castle guides to free quizzes and trails both inside and outside the Castle. More interactive fun includes outdoor games and a dressing-up area which will keep your little ones entertained when they aren't exploring the gardens .


Soldiers of Gloucestershire Museum

Where: Custom House the Docks, Commercial Road, Gloucester GL1 2HE

Dedicated to the memory of all those who have served their country as Soldiers of Gloucestershire - this museum offers incredible insight. Soldiers from the last 300 years are immortalised in the museum, going from Napoleonic Wars right up to modern day conflicts focuses on locals that fought. Try on Army uniforms, look into a First World War trench, learn about medals and how soldiers won them through history in a range of interactive displays.


Corinium Museum, Cirencester

Where: Corinium Museum, Park Street, Cirencester, GL7 2BX

Take a journey through time, charting the development of the Cotswolds from its prehistoric landscape to the modern day.  There are thousands of objects on display, including highly significant finds from the Roman era, Prehistoric tools and Anglo Saxon grave goods. Definitely worth a visit!


Dean Heritage Centre

Where: Camp Mill, Soudley, Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire GL14 2UB

Set in amongst five acres of stunning scenery, the centre is fully interactive and perfect for families.

Dean Heritage protects and preserves the unique history and heritage of the Forest of Dean, through a range of interactive galleries including a Victorian cottage and a Beam Engine. Families can explore the woodland trail based on the The Gruffalo, which is bound to bring some enjoyment. What makes this attraction even more appealing is the fact it offers both indoor and outdoor fun, so you can visit all year round.


Clearwell Caves Ancient Iron Mines

Where: Royal Forest of Dean, Coleford, Gloucestershire, GL16 8JR

Discover an incredible underground world, where families can discover something spectacular and unseen. It's in an incredible natural cave system that was once mined for more than 4,500 years - it's a fascinating experience for all. Full of colourful caverns and generations of history to be explored, see if you can discover any extinct creatures! It's an incredible interactive experience that can be enjoyed by children of all ages.


Jet Age Museum

Where: Meteor Business Park, Cheltenham Road East, Gloucester, Gloucestershire GL2 9QL

Immerse yourself in a world of aircrafts, engines and restoration projects that are on display at this museum. The perfect spot for aviation enthusiasts, you can learn about the history of flight and aircrafts. During opening hours guests can take on timed and guided tours of the Avro Vulcan bomber cockpit and Hawker Siddeley Trident airliner - you'll be impressed when you see it.


Cotswold Motoring Museum and Toy Collection

Where: The Old Mill, Sherborne Street, Bourton-on-the-Water, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire GL54 2BY

Take your families to this museum to discover a range of motor vehicles you wish you owned! Guests will be invited to take a fascinating journey through time to explore the history of 20th-century motoring. From caravans from the 1970s to a Blacksmiths workshop with artefacts that date back to 1625. Children will be amazed to learn about the incredible range of toys available in the past, and see how it has changed to the toys they have today.


Gloucester Waterways Museum

Where: Llanthony Warehouse, Gloucester, Gloucestershire GL1 2EH

Learn about the incredible and fascinating 200-year history of the docks and the Gloucester and Sharpness Canal at this museum. There is plenty to learn, and interactivity to get involved from climbing aboard historic boats, enjoying hands-on fun, watching archive films and browsing galleries rich in canal heritage and stories. Located within a Grade II listed warehouse, it's an incredible sight to behold.


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