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Class Teachers:

Mr Douglas Herbert

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Mrs Wilson (Friday)

Class Teaching Assistant: Miss Parsons


SEND Teaching Assistant: Mrs Aristotelous


PPA cover: Mrs Roet (Wednesday afternoon)


In Buzzard Class the children experience a creative curriculum that provides opportunities for connections to be made between different areas of learning.  We foster an ethos of finding out and discovery of new ideas which then helps the children to direct their own learning. These include as many outdoor learning experiences as possible.  We are keen to link technology with many areas of the curriculum enabling the children to explore and use different equipment both independently and with support. 


Spring Term

A Life in Service: Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth II


Throughout the summer term, Buzzards will be exploring in detail our value "Service". We will look at the lives of Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth II and learn how they used their position to support others. The relationship between the monarchy and government will also be explored as the Buzzards continue to develop their understanding of democracy.

These themes will be supported by our work in science when we look at the relationship between living things and their habitats and how an environment can help a living thing to flourish. In art, we will explore the work of Alma Thomas, whose vibrant landscapes celebrate the world in a unique and playful manner: the children will be encouraged to find the magic in the everyday. In RE, we will continue to learn about the Jewish faith and then discuss how a person's faith influences the way they look after the world. This will create a direct link back to Queen Elizabeth II whose faith was a cornerstone of how she served her community. 




Knowledge Organisers


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Our texts this term


There Once is a Queen

by Michael Morpurgo 

There once is a queen.jpg


From the Nation's Favourite Storyteller, Sir Michael Morpurgo, “There once is a Queen ever constant to her people…” is a poetic celebration of our Queen and longest reigning monarch, beautifully illustrated in watercolour by acclaimed artist Michael Foreman. The story of the Queen's life is retold through the constant symbol of an oak tree. We will retell sections of the Queen's story and then use the imagery of an oak tree to tell parts of our own story. 


Lost in the Toy Museum

by David Lucas

Lost in the Toy Museum.jpg

The toys at the museum come alive after the lights go off and have adventures, apart for old Bunting who likes to take care of the other toys and teach them the history of the museum. Until one night the toys decide to play a game of hide and seek with him and he sets off on his own adventure to find them. Based on famous Victorian sleuth, Sherlock Holmes, Bunting investigates the Victoria and ALbert museum and gives a fascinating insight into parts of Victorian life. 


Daisy Saves the Day

by Shirley Hughes

Daisy Saves the Day.jpg


When Daisy starts as a scullery maid in a grand house, she works as hard as she can to try and please her kindly employers. But her greatest day comes when disaster strikes, and only Daisy can save the day...set on the day of Geroge VII's coronation, this story will further contextualise the children's understanding of life in Britain in the early 20th Century and deepen their understanding of the processes of a coronation ceremony. 

Reading Passport

We have created a Reading Passport to inspire children to read the best literature available to them. Over the course of the year, we would like your child to read 7 of the books from the list for their year group.

When they manage to read 7, they will bring their passport back into school to receive a £5 book token. 

The children will keep their passports with them all through school, hopefully finishing year 6 having read 42 amazing books.

Reading Passport Year 1.pngReading Passport Year 2.png


Important information


•       A blue sweatshirt/cardigan

•       A light blue polo shirt / shirt

•       Grey / black trousers, skirts, pinafore dresses or shorts 

•       Grey/navy/ white socks or tights

•       Sensible all black shoes or boots in winter


 PE Kit – Every Friday

•       Blue/black shorts or joggers

•       Randwick PE top

•       Black / blue fleece / jumper

•       Black daps / trainers

•       Long hair tied up / earring removed or taped up


Forest School Kit - Every Wednesday

•       Navy blue / black joggers or leggings

•       School t-shirt and school jumper

The children can wear their school shoes / PE trainers to school and bring their wellies with them in a named bag.


As the children go out in all weathers it is advised for winter the following:

•       Warm, thick socks, an ‘extra layer’, perhaps a fleece or jumper;

•       A waterproof jacket;

•       Hat and gloves

Please clearly name everything!

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