Buzzard Class 2022 - 2023

Mrs Smith

Miss Aldous

Mrs Dean

Welcome to Buzzard Class. I’m Mrs Aldous and my very helpful Teaching Assistant is Mrs Smith. I am a part-time teacher, working Monday To Wednesday. 

Our classroom environment is visually welcoming, stimulating and lively which helps to develop and engage the children’s learning, together with celebrating their achievements. We believe in a good balance of fun and theme based learning. A sense of humour and strong relationships abound in the classroom, as does a love of learning. 

We passionately believe the children in our class learn best through play and exploration. Where possible we offer the children the opportunity to experience real life events that are linked to their learning. Every day the children are given the opportunity to totally immerse themselves in such as being an artist, a writer, a mathematician, scientist, designer or even a storyteller, to name just a few. I am passionate about sports and try to encourage the children to also take part and enjoy a variety of sports when the opportunity arises. 

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