Phonics at Randwick

Phonics is the way we teach the children to read and write.  It helps the children to hear, identify and use single units of sound.

A large part of the work we do to prepare the children for reading and writing during the transition period is encouraging them to play games that encourage them to listen to the initial sound of a word, hear the individual sounds - eye spy, Simon says touch your t-oe-s

At Randwick we begin teaching phonics as soon as the children are in school and teach letter formation as we teach each sound (using a phrase eg a is around the apple and down the leaf.)  We also focus on gross and fine motor skills to ensure the children are ready for writing and mark making – climbing, large movements for gross motor skills. Playdough, threading beads, nuts and bolts, colouring and mark making for fine motor skills.

As the children move through the phases to vowel digraphs (2 vowels that make one sound ‘ai’) we use rhymes to help them to differentiate between the different spellings.

Sounds / letter names – both are taught, but we begin with the sound that the letter makes:

‘a’ as in cat

‘s’ not ‘su’

In order to be able to read the children not only need to know and recognise the sounds, but they also need to be able to blend the sounds together to form a word.  This is part of every phonics session, as it is often a tricky thing for the children to master!

We ask that you support by reading a little every day with your child, talking about the story and characters.  There are usually ideas for things to ask or talk about on the front and back cover of the home reading books.


Useful websites and apps:

Mr Thorne does phonics (youtube) – great for modelling how to say the sounds.

  videos on youtube to support the teaching of sounds, games on the website for phonics and ‘tricky’ words

  games for all phases of phonics

 Alphablocks – cbeebies

  games and activities



The order in which we teach the sounds:

Phase 2

Tricky words -  to, I, no, go, the, into


Phase 3

j         v        w       x        y        z,zz

qu      ch      sh       th       ng     

ai       ee       igh     oa      oo     

ar       or       ur       ow     oi       er

ear     air      ure


Tricky words – he, she, we, me, be, was, my, you, her, they, all, are

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