wb 9/2/20

Date: 28th Feb 2020 @ 1:24pm


 In maths we have been doing some very complex conversions. 

We have been converting miles to kilometres and  centimeters to inches and feet, in short we have been converting metric to imperial units. I think this section was really summoning because we needed to learn the formula for converting them. Although Mr Hodgkinson had helped us really well and was always giving us some help, the first time we had a go at metric to imperial conversions, we were converting miles to kilometres and kilometres to miles - even that was hard.             

Sparrowhawk class English

This week we have been writing recounts based on our school trip to the think tank in Birmingham. We had the choice to either write a negative recount or a positive one. Everyone was given a sheet with two sides one with positive vocab on the right and negative vocab on the left, i’m pretty sure more people chose the left side.

For our topic work each table was given a specific biome to research. Each table could either to one poster done by all of them or one each. Once everyone had finished each person had to give a piece of information about their biome so the rest of the class could learn about a different one.

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