wb 9/2/20

Date: 28th Feb 2020 @ 1:23pm


In Kestrels we have started using our new sketch books. We started by using different types of pencil to see which were harder and which were softer.Then we started to shade with the different pencils. Finally we sketched a can. This was very hard.


On Friday 14th February a group of children went to Stratford Park for a gym competition.They had to perform a floor routine and the vault.All of the children,Anya.Prosser,Amelie Reed,Elsie Kille,Emily,Eve and Freya had a chance to do each thing and ended up coming 6th out of nine schools!!!!!!Hip Hip Hooray for Randwick!!!!!

In Science, we have been learning about food webs where I looked at rainforests. A food web is where you start with a producer, to a consumer and then a secondary consumer and they are all mixed up like a spider’s web. 

We went on an amazing adventure. Randwick is famous for its long barrow in Standish wood and we visited this week. It also has a cross dyke which splits land into sections and acted like a boundary line for Iron Age settlers. The Long Barrow is mound of earth which Iron and Bronze Age settlers buried their dead - a little like our graveyards in the church. 

In English we have been writing repetitive poems using similes. They all started with lines such as “The dragon was…”

Here is an example of a poem:


The river of memories trickles

Beside the meadow of secrets

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