wb 9/2/20

Date: 28th Feb 2020 @ 1:18pm

Buzzard class Maths

This week we have been learning about how to add one number to another and subtracting one from a number. We had a true or false question to convince our teacher we new what we were learning about.            

This week we have also been learning in math about  divide by 10,2 and 5. We have also been  using props to help them ,like cubes ,buttons and drawing. 

In English Buzzards have been writing the story of Lost and Found. Here is an extract from Rupert's book: One cold but breezy morning there was a clever and friendly boy called Sam, who found a powerful hyena at his door. Unfortunately, the spotty covered looked sad . Sam asked his neighbours and even visited the dusty lost and found office to see if anyone was missing a hyena.


We have been learning about Christianity and Kindness. Here are some examples of saying sorry to someone: send someone a letter , Give them a hug , send them something in the post .

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