wb 3/2/20

Date: 14th Feb 2020 @ 1:02pm

In topic Sparrowhawk class went on a school trip to the Thinktank museum in Birmingham. We saw an array of exciting things and we learned even more. We even had the privilege to take part in a workshop- it had a very interesting topic, rocks! We were told all the different types of sequences that the rocks had to go through to make three categories that are the basic building blocks of all type of rock: metamorphic, sedimentary, igneous.  



In maths, we  have been doing lots of algebraic equations and some very tricky tests to prepare the year sixes for their sats. In algebra, we have also been getting up to some variables and a lot of other very exciting things.


Sparrowhawk class English

This week we have all written stories with anonymous characters . The stories were based on people coming or going to a certain place , but there was a twist the people weren’t humans but creatures here is an example.


A blanket of darkness covered the very streets before him . The only source of light was the few street lights scattered on the side of the road  . It was not much but just enough for the thief to get a good glimpse of his target . He pulled the edge of his iridescent cloak just in case someone was watching his every move like a cat stalking its prey . In his devious little mind an ingenious plan was being pieced together .


“Two more minutes.” He muttered to himself . A young woman was about to cross the road when suddenly she jerked away crossing her fingers . “Urgh , really it's not that bad there's not two of me.” The thief thought . He steadied his body , positioning himself for the moment he could strike . The rhythmic beating of his heart went at the same pace as his intention to grasp his treasure 

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