wb 2/3/20

Date: 13th Mar 2020 @ 1:09pm

This week it was WORLD BOOK DAY in the morning we were drawing pictures of book covers to put on the reading shed-in this way they would be immortalized in the reading shed forever-. We also got to make metal bookmarks that were kindly donated. Later in the afternoon we wrote a book review in our English books about a book from the reading passport: Wolf wilder, The Northern Lights, Holes, Harry potter and the goblet of fire, Not now Bernard, The Hobbit and the Tale of Podkin One Ear. 


This week in maths Year 5 we have been learning about fractions, multiplying whole numbers and improper fractions. We had to change them to a mixed numbers to get the proper answer. Yesterday was also World Book day and we got to do drawing the whole morning and we got these really cool bookmarks and I put a horse and a tree on mine and its metal.

This week in English we have been writing 4 points why the internet is good and 4 points why the internet is bad. Then we wrote it into separate paragraphs in our book and at the end we wrote a conclusion. We had to write it in a formal way.

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