wb 19/1/20

Date: 31st Jan 2020 @ 12:39pm

In English this week we have been writing a Fantasy story all about a mysterious character who meets a friend and disappears, never to be seen again!

In Maths we have been investigating fractions, adding them, subtracting them and find equivalents. The year’s have been introduced to algebra. 


This is a story by Anya (Year 6) 


The Unorthodox


lying down on her bed , Chihiro was playing with her chubby cat Kiki . When Kiki have played enough she flopped onto the wooden creaky floor and somehow managed to sleep. At that exact moment Chihiro remembered Haku she had completely forgotten about him. Her best friend had promised to message her about he discovery he had made.


Chihiro sprinted down the stairs and then towards her Dad's phone, she reached out for it when suddenly the phone pinged soooo loudly she had to place her hands over her ears, then she remembered why : Grandma and recently visited and wanted to make a call and because she couldn't hear too well so she turned the volume the up all the way so she could actually hear . Chihiro logged in to her email and indeed there was a message. The email had said to meet Haku at Midnight at the Miyazaki Woodlands so that is where she went .


 Chihiro grasped her Skiing jacket and headed for the miyazaki forest luckily she lived fairly close but when she arrived haku was nowhere to be seen for about 7 seconds . Trying to make as little noise as possible Chihiro stumbled over to him . “Haku.” Haku held his index finger to his lips . “I found it .” he whispered , for a moment he seemed to be pointing towards a sea of black until the paper white mask turned around It was a completely unorthodox sight . The mask consisted of geometrical shapes and colours the ,  figure strangely Seemed and to sense danger and backed away . Haku and Chihiro were rooted to the spot in awe , “BIGGG CHUUUUUNGUS!” The excitement in Chihiros heart was immediately swept away . “You must hide Chihiro .” Haku sprinted away and made as much noise as he possibly could, risking his own life for a friend a special friend . Chihiro had absolutely no idea what to do ! Then she noticed the mystical creature was gone . She slowly turned to look behind her , it was there! Chihiro crawled round the back of the creature and screwed her eyes shut until darkness flooded her mind . “Jiji .” She muttered that was the name of the figure. The creature was hugged by Chihiro .


“Huh , w-where a-am I?” She stammered . The last thing she could clearly remember was Haku telling her to “run , hide , saveyourself!” She guessed she had . Afraid , alone : Chihiro couldn’t speak . After a short while of thinking she finally decided to enter her house . Chihiro patted her pockets in case she had her house key , she didn’t searching for the spare key she had no luck . After many failed attempts of trying to enter her own house Chihiro tried the back door . It was open !!! “Daaaaddddd!” No one replied . Suddenly, a strange man , who was wearing air pods, wondered into the room in which Chihiro was standing in , he must have not noticed her from all of the loud death metal he was listening to . She could tell it was death metal as every two seconds there was a loud roar . “who the hell are you?!” he shouted “Who the hell are you ?! “ Chihiro had explained many times that this was definitely her house but again and again the man disagreed . “I’m afraid the last people who lived here have passed away.” Chihiro dashed out of the building , her hands constantly wiping away her tears.Then she came to a stop at the Miyazaki forest , there right  in front of here were her parents wearing the Jiji mask!                      

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