wb 19/1/20

Date: 31st Jan 2020 @ 12:34pm


We have been learning in maths about times tables. We have been learning the 2 times table , 10 times table and 1 times table.


In year 1 we have been learning about cuboids . As a challenge we had to circle all of the shapes that weren’t cuboids this was so we could learn to recognise them . We were also learning about corners .   



They have been looking at Emperor penguins. They have also been designing their own penguins here are some examples, the fire penguin , earth penguin and ninja penguin. We have been writing about their diet.


In year 1 this week we have been challenging ourselves to writing with similes . We all drew our own versions of emperor penguins here is an example “fire penguin , earth penguin , ninja penguin ! 



In buzzards for RE we have been cutting out pictures and paragraphs to make a story about a father who has two sons who want to inherit their money and the younger son spends all his money very quickly and soon becomes very poor ,so he decided to get a job he felt bad so went back 

to his father.

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