wb 18/11/19

Date: 22nd Nov 2019 @ 4:24pm

Planning and Beginning our Time-Slip Stories!

Today we started our time-slip stories. The week before, we did lots of grammar to help our stories sound correct and professional. This week we wrote them (some haven’t finished) but they are all very good.


Anya                                     Emily                             Brenden                         Freddie


Mine is about a girl with a really weird name (Marsha Moonstone) and she’s sorting out her attic when suddenly… she is whisked away to Ancient Egypt and a very mean and spoilt Cleo is out to get Marsha, thinking she’s her sister!

Everyone had to write about a boy/girl who went to Egypt via either the museum or their attic/loft. Personally, I thought the attic would give it more of a mysterious effect so I chose that. 



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