wb 16/2/20

Date: 28th Feb 2020 @ 5:02pm

Phonics - Today in phonics we were learning the letter ou o-u. 

We have been playing dodgeball in PE but unfortunately it rained so much that we all got wet.

In maths we have been looking at quartering and halving shapes. We have been using diagrams and cubes to work out if something is a quarter or half of an amount. 

In English we have been writing about the great fire of London. We were writing about what we could see in pictures like “The glistening water was shining in the moonlight”. All these ideas will make our poem at the end of next week. We closed our eyes and listened to a video of fire and wrote about what we could hear. 

In maths we have been weighing what is lighter and what is heavier. We have been using scales to measure the weight of items. The heaviest item we weighed was a water bottle. It weighed 91 cubes!

On Wednesday 26th February, we made shoes out of paper and cardboard. We had to do a lot of cutting and sticking. It was very fun! We can’t wait to make some more!

We have been at forest school where we made blankets and we made a play. It was very wet but we had hot chocolate to warm us up.

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