wb 16/2/20

Date: 28th Feb 2020 @ 5:00pm

This week in topic we started our new topic which is about Life on Screen.

In maths the Year 6 we have been learning about  area and perimeter (e.g A farmer has 60 metres of fencing .For every 1m2 he can have 1 chicken. What is the greatest possible number of chickens he can have ?)

This week in sparrowhawks in maths for the year 5s we have been learning how to subtract fractions with different denominators,mixed numbers and improper fractions

We have been doing discussion work in English which has been really fun.  A discussion text is a text where different opinions are discussed and debated. We are debating if the internet is good or bad  from the perspective of different audiences. 

In Science this week we were investigating the saturation point of sugar and salt and tested how many teaspoons of sugar/salt can fit into 200 milliliters of water.

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