What does my child need for school?

We ask the children to take responsibility for bringing to school all the equipment and other items needed. If you have any further questions, then please pop in and see us.

School Uniform

  • Randwick School sweatshirt
  • Randwick School light blue polo shirt
  • Grey trousers, skirt or shorts
  • Grey, navy or white socks/tights
  • Light blue / white checked summer dress
  • Black / blue winter school shoes or white / blue school sandals (heel and toe protected), Heavy boots should not be worn inside school but may be changed into for playtime etc.
  • Please ensure ALL items are clearly named so they can be returned to your child.

All items of Randwick school uniform may be purchased locally from Batemans Sports Ltd in Stroud or online from https://www.batemanssports.co.uk/schools-colleges/primary-schools/randwick or www.brigade.uk.com 

Non badged items such as skirts and trousers are also available from both companies, but there is no obligation to purchase them if you would prefer to use another supplier.

We ask that all uniform items are marked with your child’s name for easy identification. Labels may be ordered from Stikins, and by quoting our school fundraising number 16477 you will make a small contribution to school funds at the same time.

Second hand uniform sales are held regularly by PFoRS and are available from the School Office,These items can be purchased for a minimal fee or donation.

Water Bottle

  • Please ensure these are named with a waterproof pen (one can be borrowed from school)
  • Children have regular access to fresh water throughout the day. The teachers will remind them to take a drink at specific times, in addition to this free access

Waterproof / coat & wellingtons

  • Children will need access to a coat virtually all year round as we make good use of our outside areas
  • Children may also be asked to bring in wellies; it is really useful if these are named. Wellies worn to school may be stored on the welly stack either at the front or back of the school during the day
  • Please ensure that summer / winter hats, scarves and gloves are clearly named

PE Kit

All children need this on a daily basis:

  • Please use a PE bag that has a short draw string that can hang safely on the cloakroom peg
  • Children participating in clubs or activities that need extra clothing, are asked to make use of their school rucksacks rather than bringing in additional bags. Unfortunately cloakroom storage is limited
  • For those children undertaking swimming lessons, they also require a one piece swimming costume and towel, goggles if needed. Please place items in a waterproof bag
  • Please ensure ALL clothing is clearly named
  • PE kit items include:
    • Randwick school sweatshirt
    • Randwick PE Tshirt
    • Navy shorts/cycling shorts/skirt
    • Daps/trainers (it is suggested that from Y1, the children wear trainers)
    • Change of socks (white/grey)
    • In cold weather, joggers/leggings are recommended

Uniform Policy

Please see below

Pencil cases

Whilst the school will continue to provide the children’s stationery, from Y5, children may bring a pencil case with a small selection of felt pens, colouring pencils, pencil sharpener and eraser. It is often advisable to name each item.

  • Scissors or pairs of compasses must not be included as a matter of safety, alongside Tippex-type liquid corrector

School Meals

The Universal Infant Free School Meal scheme was introduced in September 2014. A hot meal is provided free of charge for all pupils in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2. You are not obliged to take a meal for your child, you may provide a healthy packed lunch as an alternative if you prefer, however we have found that the vast majority of infants have a hot school meal every day. Menus and a guide to the procedure for ordering school meals are available on the Fly High Cafe Page.

Lunch Box and Healthy Tuck

  • Please provide a sturdy container that is clearly named as the children’s ‘healthy lunch box’, supporting our Healthy School Status.
  • Please note that the designated Crisp Day is Friday and we ask that sweets and chocolate are kept for after school treats
  • A small piece of fruit or vegetable can be eaten at morning break. All infant children are given an additional piece of free fruit each day.
  • Aluminium flasks for soup / pasta / drink may be used when the weather is cold. Please ensure items are not too hot to scald
  • Some parents may wish to include an ice pack to keep food cool in the summer as the lunch boxes are stored in the classroom
  • We are proud of our ‘Healthy School Status’ and we ask for everyone’s continuing support

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