Randwick C of E Primary School is committed to seeking support from the wider community through the work of volunteers in school.  The value of well deployed volunteers in school is widely recognised.  They are a welcome resource in helping to raise children's achievement whilst complementing the work of the staff in school.  They can often provide experience and expertise that might otherwise be unavailable in school.  Research also shows that children of parents who are involved in school life, do better.

Volunteers will be placed senstively and responsibly.  They will not be asked to replace paid staff or be given responsiblitiy within school that would normally be associated with paid employees.  Having volunteers in school enables us to:

  • demonstrate the whole community's commitment to providing the best educational opportunities for children;
  • harness the diversity of skills, knowledge and expertise within our school community; 
  • provide more regular opportunities for children to practise their skills, such as reading and spelling;
  • enhance the teaching of areas of the curriculum through the expertise and viewpoints of volunteers, to broaden children's experience;
  • do activities which require higher adult to child ratios in order to be safe, such as school trips

How to volunteer:

People interesed in volunteering should contact the school office or Headteacher.  Often there will be opportunities offered in school and in the school newsletters.

Deployment of volunteers:

All volunteers will be made to feel welcome.  Thier role will be clearly defined through discussions with the Headteacher or relevant member of staff.


There is a difference between our requirements for volunteers who volunteer regularly and those who volunteer on one or two occasions.  The requirements below describe what is required of a regular volunteer, and the Headteacher will decide which of these requirements will be necessary for less frequent volunteering based on the role.

Before the volunteering role begins, volunteers will be signposted to key safeguarding documents, which they will need to read before being introduced into their roles. These are all available on the school website.

  • Child Protection policy
  • Safer Working Practices Policy
  • Keeping Children Safe in Education Part 1

Volunters will be expected to complete Safeguarding Level 1 training when volunteering in school.  A Safeguarding Quick Reference Guide will be given when you start.

Regular volunteers will be asked to complete an online form to enable us to apply for a DBS (Discolsure and Barring Service) certificate (previously know as a Police check).

Volunteers will can access a copy of the Volunteer Policy below for more information and application details.  They will then have a short interveiw with the Headteacher so that the reasons for volunteering can be ascertained and safeguarding requirements can be further clarified, reflecting on the above policies.

All volunteers will be made aware of the following:

  • Volunteers will be under the supervision of a member of staff, and who that is;
  • They must be directly supervised if they do not hold the appropriate DBS certificate;
  • How to deal with inapproriate behaviour of children;
  • expectations regarding confidentiality;
  • Any further procedures relevant to their role;
  • The school's Complaints Procedure and Whistleblowing policy;
  • Health and Safety Procedures and risk assessments;
  • Fire Alarm Procedures

Please refain from using mobile phones in front of the children as we want to set them a good 'work ethic' example and we don't want accusations that people are taking photos or videos of children.

Volunteers will then sign to confirm that they have been happy with the initial inducion and that documents have been read and understood.


Randwick C of E Primary School is a fully inclusive school and, where possible, will encourage disabled volunteers to support the school.  The school will take steps to ensure approriate support is given to all volunteers.

Parent Volunteers

Parents make up the majority of volunteers, in most cases we will ask parents to suport classes which don't contain their own children.  This is to ensure children don't get a sense of favouritism.


Volunteers will be encouraged to provide feedback to the school via the relevant staff member, or Headteacher, regarding their experience of volunteering.  Feedback will be used to maximise the benefit of volunteering to both the school and future volunteers.

Volunteer Risk Assessment

We fully evaluate the risk of using volunteers in school and teachers follow a risk assessment to ensur children and volunteers are safe and ahppy.  The risk assessment is available on request.


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