Dear Parents, 
I am hoping to introduce my dog, Peggy, to the school shortly. 

Having a school dog can benefit children educationally and emotionally. It can increase their understanding of responsibility, develop empathy and nurturing skills. In addition to this, children also take great enjoyment from the interaction with a dog. 

Peggy will spend most of her time in my office although as she settles, children will from time to time meet her. Peggy will not be taken into class, the playground or in any areas where food is prepared or served. Occasionally, children will be invited to join me on a short walk, for example, or meet her when visiting me with work or to enjoy a book together. 

If you would prefer your child not to have any interaction with the dog or of you have any concerns please do let the office know. 

I am pleased to attach our updated Dogs in School Policy with a risk assessment. 

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