Communication and Safety

How will the school contact me in an emergency?

In incidents where the school needs to contact a parent urgently, the school will use the home contact information.

If the school is unable to speak directly to parents, we will usually leave a short message asking parents to ring the school and/ or contact other adults (e.g. grandparents) from the emergency list

We do understand that some parents like to scan the phone call number using caller ID before they answer. Therefore, please be aware that the school may ring from either 01453 762773 (incoming and outgoing calls) or 01453759611(outgoing calls only). Please be reassured that in the event of an emergency relating to a child’s welfare or an accident, if we are unable to make contact, the school will assume responsibility and act on behalf of the parents (e.g. accompany children to hospital in an ambulance etc.)

How do I contact the school if my child is ill or I have a message?

Mrs Lise Nielsen, our School Business Manger, is available in the School Office from 8.00am - 4pm Monday to Thursday and answers the telephone and picks up any emails/messages from parents first thing in the morning. Please use the email address.

May we ask that you contact the school by phone if you have any messages regarding a pupil’s absence or after school pick-up arrangements. This will ensure that the message has been received. Special arrangements can be made for parents who need additional  support to communicate with the school

If a child is ill and unable to attend, it is very important that the school is notified as soon as possible. If no message has been received by 9.20 am, the school will begin its missing child procedures, starting with contacting the parents. If this is unsuccessful, we will then work through the emergency contacts. If after these procedures, no contact can be made, the school will inform the emergency services. It is very important that if a child is ill for a number of consecutive days, that parents ring in daily

What are the procedures for the start of the school day?

Please remember the children come in to school betweem 8.35 -8.45, Owls through the front gate, and Buzzards, Kestrels and Sparrowhawks through the back gate. A bell will ring at 8.45. Mr Poad will be on duty at the back gate and Mrs Donaldson on the front gate from 8.35 until 8.45.

What to do if my child has a medical or other appointment during the school day? 

If a child is taken out of school between registration periods, we ask that parents sign them out at the school office and sign them in again when they return. It is therefore very important that parents accompany their child to school on return, rather than drop them at the top of the path to school. As a matter of safety, all children leaving school must be collected by a parent from the school office.

How can I be 'dog safe'?

Whilst we understand that bringing the family dog to meet the children is a really good exercise opportunity (for the owner and the dog!), dogs are not allowed on school property and should not be brought into the small playground or waiting areas outside the main gate or in the shelter on the small playground.The school has to make allowances as it has a public footpath through its school areas and must comply with public rights of way. However, as a matter of common sense and safety for all, we ask that dogs are not brought into areas where the children play, line up or are collected. We feel that it would be advisable that if dogs are on the footpath areas, the adults remain responsible for the pets, rather than letting the children hold the leads. We also ask that you discourage other children from stroking or patting your pet. This is for the safety of everyone.

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