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Good afternoon!

Today we have 2 colouring in tasks. There is a simple version as well as a more challenging one.

Simple task:
I have drawn a garden scene. Please colour it in with your own choice of colour but you may need to find out which order the colours of the rainbow are!

Challenge task - Goku cartoon character
My son asked me to do the online tutorial of the Goku character (from a Japanese comic). I have attached my version of the outline as well as a colour image of the actual character. Please colour in as per the character and if you want to make it even more challenging - take note of the detail (i.e wrinkles in shirt created by shading). The way it works with the shading is that there are normally 3 tones of one colour (blue for the shirt) i.e highlight, mid tone and then shadow. Start with the lightest colour and layer up the 3 tones, finishing with the shadow.

I will be completing both tasks and will share my finish pieces with you on Monday. If you'd like to share your finished pieces, then please email me and I will pop on the gallery page.

Happy colouring!

Mrs Temblett

My versions as promised. Goku was a real challenge!


Hello! Today we have 2 tasks which should get the creative juices flowing!

Dot to Dot
The link below has lots and lots of Dot to Dot designs from simple options to more difficlut ones.

Draw a rubix cube
The attached tutorial will show you how to draw a 3D Rubix cube like the image below!


Today I thought it may be nice to try some Origami (Japanese art of paper folding). I found a really useful website for kids that has everything you could possible want for arty projects. See link below:

For the Origami tutorials, I have started the the easiest first (i.e the boat), but children may need a little help from parents on these! Enjoy!

Origami boat:


Origami fox


Origami cat


Everybody loves a 'Spot the Difference' so I have  attached some of various difficulty. Enjoy!

Spot the Difference - Clown (simple)
Spot the Difference - Pirate ship (simple)
Spot the Difference - Outer space (medium difficulty)
Spot the Difference - Toy town (medium difficulty)
Spot the Difference - Web friends (most difficult)

Below is a step by step tutorial on how to draw a self portrait. Little ones may need some help from an adult! Have fun!


Below is a link to lots of Easter themed arts and crafts as well as some Easter recipes for those who enjoy cooking. Happy Easter!

Arts and crafts
There are simple things to make as well as more complicated tasks such as Easter slime! Keep scrolling down until you find something you like!

Bunny Pancakes

Eatster boiled eggs

Show stopping Easter nest cake

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