Sport Premium Statement

In April 2013 the Government announced new funding of £150 million for Physical Education (PE) and Sport – often referred to as ‘Sport Premium’ funding, its purpose is to improve the quality and breadth of PE and Sport provision within schools. This funding will continue until 2020. Below is a breakdown of how we have used this money to make an impact at Randwick from April 2017-2018 and our plans for the future.

How have we used last year’s (March 2016- March 2017) funding so far?

    • Funding of transport to take children to and from both Cashes Green for gymnastics, and Stratford Park and GL1 Leisure Centre, for swimming lessons (£2000)
    • Funding to pay for a Sports Coach from Atlas Sports to teach PE and work closely with class teachers to support their professional development (£1000)
    • Funding for new goals for football at playtimes (£150)
    • Funding of a ‘Sport is Fun!’ week in the summer term when children participate in a range of sports, both on-site and elsewhere (£500)
    • Paying our P.E subject leader for additional time to attend training and complete PE admin (£450)
    • Providing cover for our Owl class teacher so she can train our y5s to be play leaders in 2017-18 (£150)
    • Membership of Stroud Primary Schools Sports Association – this allows us to enter all the competitions run by them (£150)
    • Increased participation in competitive sports (£120)
    • Providing a range of opportunities for PE based clubs across all ages (£500)
    • Funding Sports Kit for the children who represent our school at competitive sports (£200)
    • Use of the Village Hall for dance and gymnastics lessons. This provides us with more space (£200)
  • An inspirational visit from Jack Rutter, Captain Great Britain’s cerebral palsy football team
  • Paying a Forest School leader to take classes to the woods (£288)

What else are we planning?

  • Funding another inspirational visit from an Olympic or Paralympic athlete visit in the New Year.
  • Sustainability- continue increased participation in competitive sports across the year and continue to offer a wide variety of PE based clubs for all age groups.
  • Continue to pay our P.E subject leader for additional time to attend training and complete PE admin.
  • Continue to develop our sports kit and equipment.
  • Involve children in more inspirational opportunities e.g. tickets to professional sports matches
  • Involvement with local teams – Randwick Wasps, Randwick Netball
  • Visit to Forest Green Rovers as part of their fit2last programme
  • Visit from Gloucester Rugby coaches
  • Playground equipment for EYFS
  • More ‘trim trail’ style equipment for the bank – a slide onto playground
  • Forest School: subsidise funding of a Forest School Leader to lead a weekly after-school club and Forest School sessions for all children (monthly for years 2- 6 and weekly for EYFS and y1)