Reading at Randwick

Reading is an essential skill across the curriculum. Therefore, it is one of the highest priorities at Randwick Primary School!

The children begin to be taught reading skills as soon as they enter Foundation Stage and this continues all the way through to Year Six.

We teach Reading in a variety of ways. Listed below are the types of strategies we use:

  • Phonics
  • Hearing children read individually (not just listening to them saying the sentences, but also asking questions to assess whether they understand what they are reading).
  • Weekly guided reading sessions.
  • Reading comprehension sessions.
  • Shared reading during class sessions – this can be through any area of the curriculum, not just in English.
  • Exploring different text types through reading and discussing the features of each one.
  • Independent reading – where children choose books to read on their own, or with peers, from the classroom or the library.
  • Reading books sent home for children to practise and consolidate their skills.

We use a range of books for these purposes. Every classroom has its own wide range of books, available for the use of the children and adults. We have a fantastic school library, with a great selection of books, across all areas of interest.

We use a ‘book banding’ system throughout the school, for individual reading, guided reading and reading at home. This is to ensure the children are reading books which are an appropriate challenge to them.

The children are assessed on a regular basis, using a variety of methods. The children will then have access to books, and activities in class, that reflect their individual needs.