About your child’s learning and achievement

Informing parents about children’s learning & achievement

How will I know what my child is learning about and how can I support this at home?

  • Meet the Teacher and Learning Packs
    A ‘Meet the Teacher’ session is arranged for after school during the first week of the new school year and enables parents to meet the teachers and visit their child’s classroom. Parents are given a class information pack about their child’s learning and expectations
  • Making the Difference
    The School provides a series of information sheets called ‘Making the Difference’ to help parents successfully engage in their child’s learning and support them at home. For example, these include ‘What my child needs for school’, ‘Helping with homework’, ‘Handwriting for left-handed children’ and ‘Supporting learning at home’
  • Open Afternoon
    Every short term, parents are invited to a school open afternoon. These take place at the end of the day and provide parents with the opportunity to visit the school with their child and talk about their work

How will I be informed about my child’s learning and achievements?

  • Parents Consultation Evening
    In the Autumn, and Spring terms, all parents are given a ten minute appointment to see the class teacher.  Teachers will be able to discuss and share information with you about your child’s attitude to learning, attainment, targets and progress. In the Autumn meeting, parents will also have the opportunity to discuss the annual report with the class teacher. All the children’s work is available for parents to look at before their appointment. If a parent or teacher feel that more time is needed for the discussion, then another appointment will be made at a later time. Unfortunately it is not possible to extend time during the evening, as this will use the next parents’ time with the teacher.
  • Annual Progress Reports
    A written report is sent to parents each July, which describes the attitudes, personal and social skills, progress and attainment of their child. They also record and detail the class topics, visits and special activities that their child has engaged in, along with participation in school clubs. Information on their child’s attendance and punctuality is also sent out as well as a reply/ comment slip for parents.
  • Statutory Assessment Information
    Parents with children in the Reception Year Foundation Stage, KS1 and 2 also receive information about their child’s statutory assessments at the end of the summer term. The school also provides information for parents regarding national expectations in order that parents have a clear indication of their child’s performance and national expectations.