School Governors

Elizabeth Reed – Parent Governor, Chairperson

I have lived in Randwick for almost 12 years, having moved to glorious Elizabeth ReedGloucestershire from Southampton, and I have long seen the school as a vital asset to the village. Even more so since becoming a parent: I treasure for my daughter the opportunity to live, learn and grow in this wonderful part of the country! I see the need to help and support small village schools in their invaluable work. As well as being a governor, I enjoy helping the school in a variety of ways as a parent volunteer, including an ongoing project to update the school library. In my spare time, I work as a Registered Nurse at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital.

Kolene Scutt – Local Authority Governor, Chair of the Resource Committee

Kolene Scutt

Kolene Scutt

I have lived in Randwick and known the school for the last 28 years. I have been a parent, (as both my children attended the school and are now very grown up!) and a specialist volunteer for many years. I have been a school governor both as a parish council representative and staff governor and now hold the role of Local Authority Governor.

Val Adamson – Parent Governor, Chair of the Performance and Standards Committee

Val Adamson

Val Adamson

I have two daughters at Randwick and we experience first hand the huge benefits of a small village school. I feel it is important to support our school which is so vital to the lives of our children and to the life of our village. With a background in sculpture I help with any related projects in school in addition to my governor roles.

Jackie McNeil – Co-opted Vice Chair

Jackie McNeil

Jackie McNeil

I started my teaching career in Stroud, and it came full circle when I returned to Gloucestershire with my husband and four children in 2003, settling in Whiteshill. After spending over 20 years as a primary school teacher in a wide variety of schools in the UK and abroad, I entered Higher Education and I am now a lecturer, tutor and mentor for post-graduate and undergraduate primary teachers in training at the University of Gloucestershire, Cheltenham, specifically in Maths. I had previously visited students at Randwick school as part of my role, and am thrilled to join the school as a Community Governor, especially at such an exciting time, following an ‘Outstanding’ OFSTED inspection and the appointment of a new Head Teacher.

Tom Norton – Parent Governor

I have lived in Randwick for 6 years now, having moved back to the area from Bristol. I have one son at the school. We have been made to feel welcome and supported by staff and parents alike since we joined the school last year. I feel it’s important in supporting the school, to provide the best environment possible to develop young minds for the challenges they face in today’s world.

Andrew Niven – Parent Governor

Originally from Glasgow, I was brought up and educated in Stroud and have lived in Ruscombe for 4 years. After leaving school at 18, I took an apprenticeship and worked as a chemical engineer for 16 years before changing careers to become a science teacher. I have worked at several schools in Gloucestershire and currently hold the position of Head of chemistry at Marling.


Isabel Stanley – Foundation Governor

I have lived in Randwick for 25 years and since retiring from teaching (I was deputy Head at Archway School for 11 years), I have volunteered at Randwick School, mainly hearing children read. I have strong connections with the village, especially the church, where I play the organ and take some services. In my role as foundation Governor, I look forward to maintaining and strengthening the links between school and church.

Alison Inwood – Co-opted Governor

Alison Inwood Co-opted Governor

I have lived in Westrip for 11 years now, having moved from Box, Gloucestershire. I have run a market research and insight company for 20 years now, having originally obtained an MSc in Marketing. I love walking in and around Randwick and think the school is very special. As Co-opted Governor and member of the community, I will do all I can to offer my skills to help the school thrive.

Reverend Brian Woollaston – Foundation Governor

Brian Woollaston

Brian Woollaston

I was born in Zimbabwe where I spend 30 years, some as a junior school teacher. I trained as a priest in South Africa and came to Britain in 1988. After a variety of parishes and time as a Chaplin in the British Army, I came to Randwick. I see myself as being a spiritual adviser, offering pastoral support to the staff, pupils and parents.  I hold very important the practice and teaching of Christian moral values within the school and sustaining the links between the Church and School.

David Poad – Head Teacher

David Poad

David Poad

I joined the school in September 2014 after working in Cairo for two years as the deputy at a large British school. Before this I worked as a teacher in primary schools in Cheltenham and Gloucester. We have a great governing body here and we all work hard to support the school in achieving its aims. Randwick is a special place with the school and church at the centre of the community.

Elme Marais – Staff Governor

Elme Marais


I am excited to become a member of Randwick’s governing body. I joined Randwick in September 2017 as a newly qualified teacher, and am currently teaching in Kestrel Class. From the moment I set foot in the school, I felt as though I was a part of the family. 

Barry Parsons – Clerk to the Governors

Barry Parsons

Barry Parsons


I have lived in Randwick since 1977 and have been involved with the school since the oldest of my three children started at Randwick.

What do Governors do?

We support the school by giving our time, expertise and knowledge to help the Head teacher in his strategy for the future of the school and the day to day running.

How do we do this?

The Full Governing body meets every half term to review and discuss school life. This body is split into two committees who also meet every half term, the Resources Committee and the Performance and Standards Committee.

The Resources Committee covers finance, personnel and premises.

The Performance and Standards Committee covers curriculum.

Each governor serves on one of these committees and has a specific area of interest e.g.: safeguarding, school standards, the school environment etc.

We also have statutory panels that cover admissions, discipline and complaints as and when required.

Working together

We believe in partnership. This is about everyone – children, parents, staff, governors and the wider school community working together to ensure that every child succeeds. To achieve this and to carry out our role as governors effectively, we need to know what issues are important to you so that we remain responsive and ensure that you know what issues are being discussing so that we remain accountable.

Keeping in touch

School Newsletter – we have had great feedback from the Friday School Newsletter and Governors and PFORS now have a section on the Friday Newsletter so all the information is in one place.

  • School Website – this Governor section lays out our roles and soon there will be a summary of each Governing Body meeting so you know what we are working on.
  • School Playground – As some of our governors are parents and grandparents at the school, we can often be found around at the beginning and end of the school day
  • Meet the governors – As well as governors attending school events we also hold regular coffee mornings and afternoons to give you a chance to speak to us. You can also contact us via the school office.

Becoming a Governor

– is a voluntary, unpaid and important role. Particular skills, knowledge or experience are useful to the governing body, but the following is vital:

  • a commitment to school life
  • the ability to work with others
  • patience and enthusiasm
  • a willingness to learn
  • a commitment to working openly and democratically
  • a willingness to spend what time you can getting involved in school life.

Our governors contribute to school life in many ways – attending meetings, undertaking training, visiting school, participating events and more.

Our governors are a team. However much we may differ in our opinions and experiences we are united by our commitment to Randwick School and the responsibility we share for its long term success.

Statutory Information

Name of Governor Term of office Committees Declared business and pecuniary interests* Other Governing Appoint-ments
Attendance for 2017/18 Governing Body Meetings Attendance for 2017/18 Committee Meetings
Elizabeth Reed Chair of Governing Body; Parent Governor; Elected by parents of children attending the school; 3 years from 28.4.16 to 27.4.19 Resources Committee.
Performance and Standards Committee.
None None 6/6 8/10
Valerie Adamson Parent Governor; Elected by parents of children attending the school; 4 years from 11.12.12 to 10.12.16; 3 years from 20.1.17 to 19.1.20 Chair Performance and Standards Committee None None 6/6 5/5
Robyn Aldous Staff Governor;
Elected by the school staff; 3 years from 9.3.15 to 8.3.18. Resigned 24.1.18
Performance and Standards Committee None None 2/3 3/5
Elmé Marais
Staff Governor elected by the school staff 3 years from 25.1.18 to 24.1.21 Performance and Standards Committee None None 2/3 1/2
Jacqueline McNeil Co-opted Governor; Appointed by the Governing Body; 3 years from 10.3.15 to 9.3.18; 3 years from 22.3.18 to 21.3.21 Performance and Standards Committee None None 5/6  5/5
David Poad Head Teacher;
Ex-Officio Governor
Resources Committee.
Performance and Standards Committee.
None None 6/6 11/11
Isabel Stanley
Foundation Governor. Appointed by Gloucestershire Siocesan Board of Education 3 years from 1.1.18 to 31.12.20 Performance and Standards Committee None None 4/4 3/3
Kolene Scutt


Local Authority Governor; Nominated by GCC but appointed by the Governing Body; 4 years from 1.10.12 to 30.9.16; 3 years from 1.10.16 to 30.9.19. Resigned 31.8.19 Chair Resources Committee. None None 6/6 5/5
Ian White


Parent Governor; Co-opted by the Governing Body; 3 years from 12.1.17 to 11.1.20. REsigned 24.1.18 Resources Committee. None None 0/3
Thomas Norton Parent Governor; Elected by parents of children attending the school. 3 years from 6.7.17 to 5.7.20 Resources Committee None None 6/6 4/5
Rev. Brian Woolaston Ex-Officio Foundation Governor Resources Committee. None None 1/6 0/6
Alison Inwood Co-opted Governor. Appointed by the Governing Body. 3 years from 24.1.18 to 23.1.21 Performance and Standards Committee None None 3/4 1/3
Andrew Niven
Parent Governor. Co-opted by the Governing Body 3 years from 6.2.18 to 5.2.21 Performance and Standards Committee None None 3/3 2/2
Sandra Clarke
Chair of Governing Body. Co-opted Governor. Appointed by the Governing Body 3 years from 10.3.15 to 9.3.18. Resigned 24.1.18 Resources Committee and Performance and Standards Committee None None 2/3 2/3

*Interests: Governing bodies are under a duty to publish their register of interests.
Governors declare:-

  • relevant business interests – financial, or other, interests in an organisation which could feasibly be in a position to supply goods/services to the school
  • details of any other educational establishments they govern
  • any material interests arising from relationships between governors or relationships between governors and members of the school staff including spouses, partners and relatives.

Governor of the Month 2017/2018

Each month, a Governor comes in to school a couple of times at least, to talk to staff about the subjects that Governor is responsible for, and to monitor our Development Plan.

  • September 2017      Kolene Scutt
  • October 2017          Jackie McNeil
  • November 2017      Tom Norton
  • December 2017      Liz Reed
  • January 2018          Val Adamson
  • February 2018        Brian Woolaston
  • March 2018            TBC
  • April 2018               Alison Inwood
  • May 2018               Isabel Stanley
  • June 2018              TBC
  • July 2018                Andrew Niven

Minutes of Governors’ Meetings

Governors have decided to publish a summary of the approved minutes of the meetings of the Governing Body. The Governing Body and its committees meet once every term, usually in September, November, January, March, May and June.

Randwick Governors Summary of minutes January 2019
Randwick Governors Summary of minutes November 2018
Randwick Governors Summary of minutes October 2018
Randwick Governors Summary of minutes June 2018
Randwick Governors Summary of minutes May 10th 2018
Randwick Governors Summary of minutes March 22nd 2018
Randwick Governors Summary of minutes January 24th 2018
Randwick Governors Summary of minutes November 23rd 2017

Minutes from previous meetings may be viewed in the school office.

Agenda for next meeting

Governors Meeting Agenda November 18

Governors Meeting Agenda January 2018