Class Learning Topics

Below are the topic outlines for each class, giving an overview of the learning planned to be undertaken over each long term.  Whilst specific lesson learning is not provided in detail, they do provide information about general subject areas and themes that relate to the topic and give parents a greater understanding to support their child. Some subject learning may not be directly related to the topic. Details of planned visits may also be clarified, along with suggestions for possible family activities and visits which support the learning process.

Topic themes are regularly discussed with the children to develop a shared ownership in their learning and reflect their interests and differing needs. As new topics are undertaken, each teacher will provide an update sheet for each class. Special shared whole-school activities each term will be identified separately in the school newsletter.

You can find out more information by contacting the headteacher, Mr David Poad

Owl Class Spring Term 2017 – Into the Woods
Kestrel Class Spring Term 2017 – Road Trip USA
Sparrowhawk Class Spring 2017 – The Journey

Curriculum Map y1 & 2
Curriculum Map y3 & 4
Curriculum Map y5 & 6